The Villager Motel Policies


Cancellation Policy:

We view a reservation as a two-way responsibility – we agree to turn away all requests for the space you select and you agree to occupy and pay for the space for the time period you have reserved.  Your one night deposit by either check or money order OR a valid credit card guarantees your accommodations.  If you were to cancel outside of 7 days prior to arrival there is no fee, inside of 7 days you will be held responsible for the first night of your stay. No refunds

Pet Policy:

We do require pet fee of $15 per pet per night. We may charge additional fees for charges including but not limited to cleaning, repair, replacement of damaged items, and loss of rental during repair caused by pet accidents or any other action in the room. Any added clean up caused by your pet, will be added to your bill. This may be added after you check out based on our housekeepers’ cleaning time. If you prefer, ask our front desk and we will give you an estimate based on our observation. Pet accidents on carpet, bedding or furniture, will result in full replacement cost plus lost rental.